Friday, September 7, 2012

An Important Accessory: The Belt


Gentleman, the past few days a pet peeve of mine has reared its ugly head and I must take the time to point it out.  A lot of things we do in our lives involves the finished product.  This is the product we want everyone to see once its fully accomplished.  Now, where I am taking this in terms of men’s fashion, I will tell you.  That pet peeve is a worn down or hideous belt.  As I have said before, we must be able to be adventurous in our fashion and step outside of our comfort zone to expand ourselves.  However, when we neglect smaller parts of our outfit, like a belt, we are neglecting our outfit as a whole.  When adding a men’s accessory like a belt, whether for style or necessity, we should take pride in it.  Wearing a belt that sticks out like a sore thumb takes away from our finished product.


In your closet, you should have two basic belts.  You should have one black leather belt and one brown leather belt.  In a previous post on shoes, I mentioned to try different shades of browns.  The reason I mention this is because if your shoes are a brown that have no relation to your belt, find a brown belt that you can match with those shoes.  The belts should be between one inch and one and 1/8 inches.  This will make it possible to style your belts with all types of pants. 


There are also other belts made of different materials and different styles.  You can also find canvas, vinyl, and braided belts.  (Even ties as belts are coming back on the scene, but that’s a topic for another time!)  The thing with canvas belts are they should be geared more for the spring and summer seasons.  They present a better lightweight option along with more color.  Remember to try and match your belt with what you are wearing.  Do not let the belt take over your outfit.

I thought about doing a quick post like this a while ago, but I figured as Gentleman, we would have this part down.  The past few days I have seen well put-together men, but then a belt that looks like it was thrown on when the lights were off.  Remember, people tend to notice the little things, especially if that little thing sticks out like a sore thumb.  Gentleman, lets make sure when we leave the house we are a finished product.  Until next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher

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  1. These belts are exactly what I have been looking for. It is simple and finishes off an outfit without stealing the show. The quality of the leather is good and looks more expensive than it was. Will be returning to purchases another in brown.Black Leather Belt


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