Friday, July 27, 2012

T-Shirts for the Summer.

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Since the summer is upon us, as gentlemen, there is a point where we need to let our hair down, get comfortable and dress casual. When dressing casual, you should still uphold yourself to that standard that you have set as a gentleman, displaying the confidence you always have. I am a fan of t-shirts during the summer, but let's make sure the t-shirts and shorts or pants we chose to wear fit properly and display us in the image of a gentleman.

 WHAT A HUNK - David Beckham is spotted in a white t-shirt and denim jeans as he takes his children to soccer practice in Los Angeles.  David sports a greaser look with tattoos as he hides his eyes behind sunglasses.

We are at a time in fashion were fitted clothes are the trend and show off our bodies in positive ways. T-shirts come in all different styles which can display our many personalities. First I want to say lets stay away from the graphic, message, glitzy, and gaudy designs. Those t-shirts do not give off the best image. We are gentleman, lets keep it that way. I try to stay with solid color or stripped t-shirts. You want to find the material that best suits yourself. One company I am a huge fan of with their t-shirts is American Apparel. They are made of a cotton material that stretches and fits to a slim build. Obviously, we all do not have to same build, so I encourage you to try on different t-shirts and find the one that fits you best.

As I mentioned, t-shirts come in all different styles. I am personally a fan of v-neck tees. Whether it is a v-neck or deep v-neck, a guy can show something different from the everyday regular cut collar on a t-shirt. Wearing a v-neck, especially the deep v-neck, is daring and displays confidence. For the guys that stay fit, and as a gentleman you should take care of your health at all times, you can show off that chest you developed after all those hours in the gym. When you are out looking for different types of t-shirts it may be tough sometimes to see yourself in a certain t-shirt, but down the road that t-shirt was the perfect purchase. For myself, I may buy a stripped t-shirt knowing I am not sure with what I can wear it. But I find a few days or even weeks later, that t-shirt was spot on. I find that I actually do have a pair of shorts/pants and shoes that perfectly goes with that t-shirt. Sometimes we have to go a bit out of our comfort zone to expand ourselves. 

I'll touch on shorts and pants another time, but gentleman, let's make sure we have our t-shirts together for the summer. The tees that looked worn out, baggy collars, glitzy, and gaudy should stay out of our wardrobes. Wearing nice and crisp t-shirts are comfortable and presentable. Lastly, maybe you want to try a watch or a bracelet as an accessory. That's just a touch that adds an extra element to your outfit. Lastly, remember to stay comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing. Enjoy the sun fellas! Until next time...
A Gentleman's Mentality,

Jason Christopher

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Fedora...A Classy Addition


Men’s accessories can certainly add that extra pop to an outfit.  One accessory I feel can show a sophisticated and classy side is a fedora.  The fedora for some reason can take an outfit to another level.  Now there are right and wrong ways to wear a fedora.  First things first, make sure you buy the correct size.  You do not want a fedora that fits like a bucket hat and falls down over your head.  Nor do you want to wear a fedora that leaves a mark on your forehead like a skull cap. Let the fedora sit comfortably on your head and find the right angle that best features you!   

Next you want to make sure you wear the right fedora with the right outfit.  Matching the fedora with your outfit is necessary because you want to show off the sense of style you have.  You do not want your fedora to stick out like a sore thumb.  Stick to black, brown, navy, olive, grey, or tan fedoras.  Going outside of these colors will most likely throw a great outfit off.  You may even be able to throw in a feather to add some style.  If you ever want to switch it up, just make sure the color scheme stays in tack from head to toe!

Wearing the right fedora at the right time is also a key to pulling off the look.  During the day, you should stick to straw fedoras or lighter colors.  When the sun sets, you should look to pull out a felt fedora.  You never want to look like you are over doing it, so wearing the right fedora at the right time shows a level of sophistication. 

Make sure you wear your fedora with a collared shirt.  Wearing a fedora with a t-shirt makes the fedora look cheap and tacky. If you are going to wear a fedora, wear it like a gentleman!  This is not saying you have to wear a fedora with a 3-piece suit, but you should take pride in wearing your fedora.  Treat it with class just as you treat yourself with class!

Lastly, remember every fedora is not for you.  Try out different fedoras before you make your purchase.  If you have a long head, a tall fedora will not give you the best look.  For a rounder face, picking out a wider brim may not be the best choice.  Play around with different fedoras before making a choice.  Finding the fedora that fits proportionately and properly will be worth the time. 

   Who: Usher
Bio: Undeniably one of the biggest stars to hit the music scene, this Grammy-award winning superstar has definitely made his mark on the world of hip-hop and RnB. From the days of his burning confessions to this year&#8217;s OMG, he&#8217;s one of those artists whose tunes everybody finds themselves dancing to at least once in their lives.
What: Usher has no doubt brought a whole new level of style to the world with his, as PEOPLE style director Susan Kaufman likes to call it, &#8220;bling outfits&#8221;. Definitely a man in favour of suits, most people remember him for making the most of his ensembles by accessorizing with a debonair pocket square or those omni-present sunglasses. Casual Usher is something to be treasured, and this is no exception. The sleekness of a fedora and vest over simple flannel and denim is definitely something I cannot argue against, and definitely cements his repetoir as one of Hollywood&#8217;s and my heart&#8217;s  most stylish men.

These are just a few thoughts on wearing a fedora.  Remember, you wear the fedora; the fedora should not wear you!  Be confident when you wear it because you know what you’re doing!  Now let the fedora tilt at the right angle, go out and enjoy your day or night!  Until next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

There's Nothing Like The Summer!


So far it has been a beautiful summer!  There’s nothing like the sun and beaches to bring out the best of our personalities.  What I wanted to share with you today is what you can wear to complement the bright personalities we have during these summer months.  I am a fan of bright colors when it is hot and the sun is out.  Here are a couple of styles I feel fit the summer months.

During the summer months I mentioned that colors should come out.  Leave the blacks and dark browns at home.  Bring out the oranges, reds, blues, pinks, greens, yellows, and even tans.  Brighter colors will show a fun side you have and make you more approachable. 


One thing I have noticed during the summer is that guys tend to wear shorts that are one size to big.  Gentlemen, we have to remember to wear the right size.  Wearing shorts that are baggy and hang off you, makes you look sloppy.  Whether you have on khaki or plaid shorts, or even capris, make sure they fit properly. 

Wearing the right shorts or pants with the right shoes is key to a great summer outfit.  Fellas, we have to take care of our feet and what we wear on our feet.  Women tend to take notice of this.  I’ve noticed low-cut canvas shoes like converse (no socks) or toms are stylish but low-key.  You do not want to overdo the shoes and wear something bulky during the summer months.  Also, loafers or boat shoes tend to come off very well.  I feel these shoes are made for the moment and can show a sophisticated side.

I am a fan of v-necks, polo shirts, and fitted button-up shirts along with khakis during the summer months.  A light jacket over the top can be a great additional piece.  It is a casual style but at the same time shows class.  Personally, I like to wear a v-neck or a button-up shirt with a couple of buttons undone and sleeves rolled up, khakis rolled, with a pair of loafers or boat shoes on when I go out.  I feel this style can be worn out to many different venues and show how well you can put yourself together. 

These are just some of the basics I feel are necessary to dressing well during an enjoyable summer.  Most importantly, remember to make sure you feel comfortable in anything you wear!  Once you are comfortable, your confidence will shine!  There’s nothing like looking approachable and bringing out your personality.  Now hit the beach, the brunches, and rooftops and enjoy yourselves!  Until next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"A Gentleman's Frame of Mind"


This is my first blog and I just want to share a little bit about myself and my fashion sense with you all.  First off, I grew up as an athlete.  I always tried to stay with the latest trends that I would see fit and challenge myself with anything outside of my comfort zone.  And this is when I found fashion can show your personality, challenge yourself, and dare you to try new things.  First thing is first, always, and I repeat always, make sure you are comfortable and confident with what you wear and present.  I say this because if you wear or show off an outfit or piece, and you are uncomfortable, people will know you are uncomfortable and your message will not come across as genuine. 

I love all different types of fashion, from European to African, to Men’s to Women.  There are always different characteristics you can take from different styles of fashion.  For me, I try to be eloquent but simple.  I try to stay in a “gentleman frame of mind.”  A key I have found is not to go over the top.  This is not saying you have to be bland and not daring, but if you’re going to go with an outfit, make sure you go with the outfit and not add that extra layer that makes one wonder why it is that needed.  Here are three styles from men who I feel demonstrate staying in a “gentleman frame of mind” but does it in there own style:

Robin Thicke:

A well put together man.  He attire speaks for itself as he puts together well-tailored suits and accents, like the necklace or bracelets that make his outfit stand out.  He’s well put together from head to toe.  We can not forget that it is important to groom and wear the right shoes with the right suit.  Taking care of yourself as well as shoes will also say a lot about a man!  Finally, what is most important is that he shows exhibits confidence!

Benjamin Andre 3000:

This guy is daring!  If you look throughout his career his style has changed in many folds.  However, this has never hindered him as he takes what he wears and he owns it.  Even this casual look he brings across eloquence.  The suspenders, shirt color, bracelet, and hat shows he no matter what he wears, he wears it with confidence and shows his comfort.

Scott Disick:

A lot of people do not like this guy and I can understand.  His arrogance can rub people the wrong way, but his style should not!  He has many different styles he wears, but if you notice, he stays within a gentleman style.  I really like how he makes a simple button-up shirt and pants stand out more than the average match.  The pink screams confidence.  And it’s the way he wears the outfit.  A couple of buttons undone, watch to match, posture, and confidence make the outfit stand out.  Simple yet it goes a long way.

Well thank you for reading some my thoughts on style.  As I said before I try to stay in a “gentleman frame of mind.”  Try new styles and be daring.  But most of all make sure you are COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT in what you wear.  This makes the outfit more attractive and makes you more attractive.  Till next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher