Friday, August 17, 2012

Find The Right Dress Shirt


I have noticed this before, but I have really paid attention to this lately.  Gentlemen, when wearing a button-up shirt make sure the shirt fits correctly!  I say this because we are no longer in the 90’s where a button-up shirt fits like a parachute.  You do not have to hide anything under your shirt, so wear the shirt like its meant to be worn.  Before purchasing your shirt, make sure you know your measurements, correct neck size and arm length.  The shoulder seams should hug your shoulders and the sleeves should not be too long.  The better your shirt fits on you, the more class and confidence you will display.

Remember to never settle on one shirt.  Button-up shirts from different companies do not all fit the same.  It is important to sample out the right style until you settle on the right shirt for you.  One of the most important things I can say about buying a button-up shirt is that it is not about the label.  Whether you buy your shirt from H&M to Banana Republic to Charles Tyrwhitt to Thomas Pink, make sure the shirt fits correctly.  No person is going to come up to you and ask to see the label on the inside of your shirt.  However, a person will come up to you and complement you on your style!

When you go to buy your shirt, ask the store representative to point you in the direction of the slim-fit shirts.  If slim-fit shirts do not do the job, there are also extra slim-fit shirts available through some store.  When I go to pick out my shirts, I actually like to try the shirt on with a pair of pants and shoes as if I were to where it out.  This is so I know I am making the correct purchase and have no doubts running through the back of my mind.  Slim-fit dress shirts help set the tone for your outfit and how everything else will fit.

Now go out and find the shirt that’s perfect for you!  You are wearing the shirt; the shirt is not wearing you.  Remember there is no need to wear a button-up shirt that looks like you are hiding something underneath it.  Cleaning up and wearing a shirt that properly fits you will enhance the right features on your body.  Look forward to the complements and remember to be a Gentleman.  Until next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher


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A Gentleman's Mentality,

Jason Christopher