Monday, August 27, 2012

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?


Gentlemen, we all know the importance of having a great shoe game.  When it comes to our feet, it’s important what we put on them.  People tend to take notice of our shoes and how we treat them.  When it comes to shoes, it is important to have multiple styles.  It is also important to treat our shoes with care.  Just like the suits we invest in, we invest a good amount into our shoes.  It is important to keep the shoes in pristine shape.  We have to make sure to have the correct shoe trees, polish/conditioner, and whatever repairs done promptly to ensure our shoes stay as impressive as the day we purchased them.

In your closet there should be shoes that point at the toe, square at the toe, or are rounded off.  Wearing shoes with that come to a point demonstrates a slender sort of look, which is great with fitted pants.  Having shoes that come to a square at the toe are a basic necessity in the shoe world.  This type of shoe (especially black square toe shoes) will always have a certain class that is ready for any occasion.  The shoes that are rounded off at the toe are also a great option.  Not only can these shoes be matched up with a fine-tailored suit, but they can also be worn in a casual setting.

Shoes do not only come in black.  Do not get me wrong, having a sleek black shoe is timeless but your shoe collection should contain other colors that show your creativity.  Shoes also come in brown, but why not try a chocolate brown or light brown.  And fellas, lets not forget that shoes do not just come in leather.  Try suede shoes out, as suede can present you with all different types of colorful options.  Have you ever tried a navy or light red suede shoe?  If you haven’t, trust me that once you do, you’ll look to be as creative as ever.

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I mentioned before that you should take care of your shoes.  Take pride in your shoes as they represent a part of you.  Well kept shoes usually means a well kept man.  It is important to have the right shoe trees, polish, and shoe repair shop to maintain your shoes.  Cedar shoe trees are a great purchase as they will preserve the shape of the shoe and absorb moisture.  Have polish for leather shoes, both black and neutral.  For suede shoes, have a suede eraser handy to get out any scuff marks.  Then use the brush to get the suede back to the liking of the shoe.  Lastly, find that shoe repair shop in your town.  You’ll find that the man who repairs shoes is a life saver.  Whether its replacing the heel or putting in new stitching, he’s saving you hundreds of dollars!  This man will show you the importance of taking care of a great shoe.

And just like I mentioned before about investing in a good suit, you should invest in good shoes.  Cheap shoes are made of cheap materials and will not work for you in the long haul.  You walk on your feet all day, I’m pretty sure your feet would not mind the extra love.  Take care of your shoes and they will take care of you.  Until next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher


  1. Thank you Jason Christopher. Shoes make a man! Love your take on it.


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