Tuesday, July 17, 2012

There's Nothing Like The Summer!


So far it has been a beautiful summer!  There’s nothing like the sun and beaches to bring out the best of our personalities.  What I wanted to share with you today is what you can wear to complement the bright personalities we have during these summer months.  I am a fan of bright colors when it is hot and the sun is out.  Here are a couple of styles I feel fit the summer months.

During the summer months I mentioned that colors should come out.  Leave the blacks and dark browns at home.  Bring out the oranges, reds, blues, pinks, greens, yellows, and even tans.  Brighter colors will show a fun side you have and make you more approachable. 


One thing I have noticed during the summer is that guys tend to wear shorts that are one size to big.  Gentlemen, we have to remember to wear the right size.  Wearing shorts that are baggy and hang off you, makes you look sloppy.  Whether you have on khaki or plaid shorts, or even capris, make sure they fit properly. 

Wearing the right shorts or pants with the right shoes is key to a great summer outfit.  Fellas, we have to take care of our feet and what we wear on our feet.  Women tend to take notice of this.  I’ve noticed low-cut canvas shoes like converse (no socks) or toms are stylish but low-key.  You do not want to overdo the shoes and wear something bulky during the summer months.  Also, loafers or boat shoes tend to come off very well.  I feel these shoes are made for the moment and can show a sophisticated side.

I am a fan of v-necks, polo shirts, and fitted button-up shirts along with khakis during the summer months.  A light jacket over the top can be a great additional piece.  It is a casual style but at the same time shows class.  Personally, I like to wear a v-neck or a button-up shirt with a couple of buttons undone and sleeves rolled up, khakis rolled, with a pair of loafers or boat shoes on when I go out.  I feel this style can be worn out to many different venues and show how well you can put yourself together. 

These are just some of the basics I feel are necessary to dressing well during an enjoyable summer.  Most importantly, remember to make sure you feel comfortable in anything you wear!  Once you are comfortable, your confidence will shine!  There’s nothing like looking approachable and bringing out your personality.  Now hit the beach, the brunches, and rooftops and enjoy yourselves!  Until next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher


  1. I love all of these picks. Great style. My favorite is the first one and I wish more guys dressed this way!


    1. The first picture is a style I am sure guys want to pull off but may feel uncomfortable like they are overdoing it. That style is simple, classy and in no way overdoing it. I encourage it!


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A Gentleman's Mentality,

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