Thursday, July 12, 2012

"A Gentleman's Frame of Mind"


This is my first blog and I just want to share a little bit about myself and my fashion sense with you all.  First off, I grew up as an athlete.  I always tried to stay with the latest trends that I would see fit and challenge myself with anything outside of my comfort zone.  And this is when I found fashion can show your personality, challenge yourself, and dare you to try new things.  First thing is first, always, and I repeat always, make sure you are comfortable and confident with what you wear and present.  I say this because if you wear or show off an outfit or piece, and you are uncomfortable, people will know you are uncomfortable and your message will not come across as genuine. 

I love all different types of fashion, from European to African, to Men’s to Women.  There are always different characteristics you can take from different styles of fashion.  For me, I try to be eloquent but simple.  I try to stay in a “gentleman frame of mind.”  A key I have found is not to go over the top.  This is not saying you have to be bland and not daring, but if you’re going to go with an outfit, make sure you go with the outfit and not add that extra layer that makes one wonder why it is that needed.  Here are three styles from men who I feel demonstrate staying in a “gentleman frame of mind” but does it in there own style:

Robin Thicke:

A well put together man.  He attire speaks for itself as he puts together well-tailored suits and accents, like the necklace or bracelets that make his outfit stand out.  He’s well put together from head to toe.  We can not forget that it is important to groom and wear the right shoes with the right suit.  Taking care of yourself as well as shoes will also say a lot about a man!  Finally, what is most important is that he shows exhibits confidence!

Benjamin Andre 3000:

This guy is daring!  If you look throughout his career his style has changed in many folds.  However, this has never hindered him as he takes what he wears and he owns it.  Even this casual look he brings across eloquence.  The suspenders, shirt color, bracelet, and hat shows he no matter what he wears, he wears it with confidence and shows his comfort.

Scott Disick:

A lot of people do not like this guy and I can understand.  His arrogance can rub people the wrong way, but his style should not!  He has many different styles he wears, but if you notice, he stays within a gentleman style.  I really like how he makes a simple button-up shirt and pants stand out more than the average match.  The pink screams confidence.  And it’s the way he wears the outfit.  A couple of buttons undone, watch to match, posture, and confidence make the outfit stand out.  Simple yet it goes a long way.

Well thank you for reading some my thoughts on style.  As I said before I try to stay in a “gentleman frame of mind.”  Try new styles and be daring.  But most of all make sure you are COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT in what you wear.  This makes the outfit more attractive and makes you more attractive.  Till next time…

A Gentleman’s Mentality,

Jason Christopher

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  1. Love the style icons that you picked! And I totally agree that you need to wear everything with confidence! So happy you started a blog :)


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A Gentleman's Mentality,

Jason Christopher