Friday, July 27, 2012

T-Shirts for the Summer.

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Since the summer is upon us, as gentlemen, there is a point where we need to let our hair down, get comfortable and dress casual. When dressing casual, you should still uphold yourself to that standard that you have set as a gentleman, displaying the confidence you always have. I am a fan of t-shirts during the summer, but let's make sure the t-shirts and shorts or pants we chose to wear fit properly and display us in the image of a gentleman.

 WHAT A HUNK - David Beckham is spotted in a white t-shirt and denim jeans as he takes his children to soccer practice in Los Angeles.  David sports a greaser look with tattoos as he hides his eyes behind sunglasses.

We are at a time in fashion were fitted clothes are the trend and show off our bodies in positive ways. T-shirts come in all different styles which can display our many personalities. First I want to say lets stay away from the graphic, message, glitzy, and gaudy designs. Those t-shirts do not give off the best image. We are gentleman, lets keep it that way. I try to stay with solid color or stripped t-shirts. You want to find the material that best suits yourself. One company I am a huge fan of with their t-shirts is American Apparel. They are made of a cotton material that stretches and fits to a slim build. Obviously, we all do not have to same build, so I encourage you to try on different t-shirts and find the one that fits you best.

As I mentioned, t-shirts come in all different styles. I am personally a fan of v-neck tees. Whether it is a v-neck or deep v-neck, a guy can show something different from the everyday regular cut collar on a t-shirt. Wearing a v-neck, especially the deep v-neck, is daring and displays confidence. For the guys that stay fit, and as a gentleman you should take care of your health at all times, you can show off that chest you developed after all those hours in the gym. When you are out looking for different types of t-shirts it may be tough sometimes to see yourself in a certain t-shirt, but down the road that t-shirt was the perfect purchase. For myself, I may buy a stripped t-shirt knowing I am not sure with what I can wear it. But I find a few days or even weeks later, that t-shirt was spot on. I find that I actually do have a pair of shorts/pants and shoes that perfectly goes with that t-shirt. Sometimes we have to go a bit out of our comfort zone to expand ourselves. 

I'll touch on shorts and pants another time, but gentleman, let's make sure we have our t-shirts together for the summer. The tees that looked worn out, baggy collars, glitzy, and gaudy should stay out of our wardrobes. Wearing nice and crisp t-shirts are comfortable and presentable. Lastly, maybe you want to try a watch or a bracelet as an accessory. That's just a touch that adds an extra element to your outfit. Lastly, remember to stay comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing. Enjoy the sun fellas! Until next time...
A Gentleman's Mentality,

Jason Christopher

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A Gentleman's Mentality,

Jason Christopher